A Few Words About Us

HIPCITY Hub is about bridging the gap between service requesters and service professional provider. We believe in the youthful power of strength, skills and expertise.

We envisage a Nigeria where no young person is redundant; but provided an opportunity to self-actualization/development and financial freedom.

Our mission is to create an avenue where Nigerians can have more productive time to themselves, while we reduce their work hours running around for common tasks. Connecting youths with skills to required services for financial gains introduces flexibility in making money and delivering on task promptly. We facilitate internship placements and career building platforms for youths in the hub to learn new skills as well as expand their knowledge in a chosen skill area through information sharing, research and early interventions.

HipCity Foundation

HipCity Foundation is ayouth-based non-profit arm of the hub involved in offering interventions toyoung persons. The foundation provides a platform for members of the hub to network,share ideas, give back to the society as well as benefit from the foundation aswell.

Through our Outsourcing unit,every beneficiary is expected to teach and share experiences to nurture andgroom others who intend to learn new skills free of charge. Through thisintervention programme every Nigerian youth will learn profitable skill (s) thatwill guarantee income generation.

We touch lives in communitiesthrough partnership with development agencies and organizations (local andinternational) to execute human capital developmental projects,economic/livelihood projects in communities in need of such interventions.#WeVolunteerNigeria