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Before the internet, that is pre-1995s, hardcore pornographywas difficult for teens to obtain.

Today, with a few clicks, millions of coital photos and videos are available for free to anyone. Comparing the early 1990s and today, the rates of teen intercourse and sexual assault have declined while teen condom use has increased. These changes however, do not suggest that porn resources (animations, photos, videos, cartoons) causes no social harm,but they show that social conservatives are mistaken when they argue that exposure to porn are among the leading causes of rape and sexual irresponsibility among teenagers.  

The digital age has changed so many things in our African culture,including the prevalence of pornography. Once a taboo, pornography has become easier to find on the internet than it was hitherto. Unfortunately, research shows that exposure to significant amounts of pornography causes people to think and act differently and is also one of the leading public health crises among teenagers especially in developing countries.

Some of the ways parents can help their teenagers not to be involved in this act is that they should monitor the activities of their teens online. I am not saying they should be spied on. Teenagers should know that their digital activities can affect their psychological growth. Parents can use the filtering and monitoring software which is available now if there is any need in keeping track of their teen’s online life.

Monitoring unfortunately is not enough. Teens are extremelytech savvy and can get around some of the best efforts. So, there is a need toalways communicate effectively with teenagers in the most sincere and factualways. There should always be a time for chats and talk. That is the mostimportant thing a parent can do. Parents should learn to gist with teenagersabout sex and pornography. Enlighten them about sex and healthy relationships. Parentsmust disabuse their minds that teenagers are too young to be spoken to on suchtopics.

They should know that nothing about pornography is realistic,and it does not reflect a typical sexual encounter. Most pornography stars arepaid to make their lives look fun and glamorous, but many of them are unhappy.

Parents should be able to let their teenagers know that watching pornography can actually desensitize them to a real sexual experience.This may be accomplished through the teenagers using objects or touching themselves in order to be satisfied or through other forms of exploratory sexual activities which in most cases can lead to teenage pregnancy for the teenage girls, modification of sexual orientation and in some instances sexual based violence depicted as normal in porn videos.

As the world marks the International Youth Day, it isimperative that parents and young people discuss freely on sex and sexualactivities and the need to stay safe online away from all forms of heightenedsexual exposures that can result to perversion, incest and fendom (fendom isshort for female dominance. It originates in the BSDM [bondage, discipline,sadism and masochism] community).

Written by DamilolaFlorence Togbe

Volunteer at HipCityInnovation Centre Abuja




HipCity Innovation Centre launches a call for proposals for a documentary film production on Situation of Urban Slums in Abuja

A concept to reach avariety of decision makers and opinion leaders, as well as other key audiences,including distribution and outreach;

2 years experience inmaking documentaries which explore social and environmental themes and thecapacity to tailor the products towards an effective social change campaign;

Demonstrate ability towork in a complex environment and to translate difficult themes into accessiblevisuals and story

Relative knowledge ofslum situations and context

Ability to style/tonedocumentary sensitive findings in a presentable manner that doesn’t demean orinfringe on individuals rights.

Access to and knowledgeof all necessary filmmaking equipment

Interested productioncompanies or teams should study in detail the requirement and then submitconcept note (technical and budgets) indicating the following

·     Two (2) most recentdocumentary CDs/DVDs and last two clients contacts (phone number and emails)

E-Applications should be sent by mail to careers@hipcityhub.com with Subject: “Documentary” on or before 3rd August 2018 and  Hard copies to:

HipCity InnovationCentre

Suite 008, 3rdFloor, Transpharm Plaza, Solomon Lar Way

Opp Jabi Garage 2ndgate, Jabi- Abuja


A CSO-Social Enterprise that supports and focuses on youth empowerment and community rights) proposes to undertake a research work on urban slums in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja to explore possible sustainable clean businesses and skills needed in rural-ghetto areas(popularly described as indigenous urban slums) so as to guide the locals(mostly women and restless youth) into arriving at identified problems, common challenges, as well as new opportunities. The end would be the creation of anew values and a systematic and strategic manner to amplify local voices,create platform, network for skill acquisition for the youths and women via pressing new demand to the government and constituency representatives ahead of the 2019 election; unlike old norms where restless ghetto youths and women sell their votes and become social vices for political elites.

Approach: The project will adopt a participatory but disguised observation methods – move and live in the ghetto/slum area for1 1/2 month, have flatmates/observers/field officers who would live in the area as a local; interact (guided by a daily task routine) with targeted persons, age grades, business, chieftains and social groups. this would enable the observers have first-hand experience of what the locals experience,understand the social, environmental, political and cultural trends; but are however conditioned to think solution while un-interrupting existing experiences at the first instance.


Interested candidates who areinnovative, solution driven and task oriented interested in being part of theresearch project should kindly forward their CV and cover letter to

careers@hipcityhub.com on or before August 3 2018, latest 5pmWAT.

Note: OnlyAbuja residents are eligible to apply.


HipCity Hub and Youth Initiative for Sustainable Human Development in Africa has signed (YiSHDA) Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for collaboration on developing programs, projects and activities tied on youth enterprise support and development, leadership capacity building and mentoring for 2 years Read More…. Read More



Women from round the globe has shown and proven that they are not just second class humans but they are equals and partners with great brains, capacity and tenacity to lead, direct, grow their communities and societies, mentor and contribute to national and global development. In tech, academics, manufacturing, innovations, security, etc, women are breaking barriers, shifting boundaries, shattering stereotypes, breaking records and setting new ones.
Today is International Women Day, from all us at HipCity we believe in the power of women as partners to development and today we celebrate all our female staff and all women globally doing marvelously well in business, politics, academia, development etc. Today, we pledge to continually #PressForProgress for women in all spheres of human endeavor. To celebrate this year’s International Women Day, we celebrate the Coordinator of YALI Kogi, Ms. Eunice Cinwon Emmanuel-bagi. A community leader, serial entrepreneur, mentor and editor. She has distinguished herself and in recognition of her milestones we have selected her as our #IWD Ambassador as we #PushForProgress


The Calabar Festival is an annual ritual of 32 days offun, the festivities is embellished with events almost in every street cornerin the city of Calabar. Undisputedly, Calabar is the tourism pinnacle ofNigeria where every other state attempts to copy and duplicate their activitieswhich its highpoint is the Biggest Street Party known as the Carnival Calabar. The festivity attracts high population of peoplewithin Nigeria and in the diaspora. One of the features common in places ofhigh density of people is the generation of high tonnages of waste. Waste management in Nigeria generally has been abig challenge to government and they’ve not gotten it right in a long time.

Indiscriminate waste dumping, non-evacuation of wasteon time has its health challenges on the dwellers within the environment,certain kinds of solid waste such as PET water rubbers, polythene Nylons, usedaluminum cans, cartridges etc have been proven to have lifespan of halfmillennia and hence impacts the health of the soil and the underlyinggroundwater, in cases where these materials are transported into the aquaticenvironment they choke and suffocate marine organisms and recent research hasshown that marine fauna population would reduce greatly due to waste in theaquatic environment.

The bright side to this sad scenario is that the wastecan be recycled for economic gains, it is this opportunity that EIS Recyclersleveraged on to ensure that waste generated in Calabar and during the CalabarFestival does not end up in landfills, gutters, marine ecosystem or streetcorners giving out pungent odour which is injurious to the health of women andchildren especially rather they are collected, sorted and recycled with theproceeds of the waste channeled into providing educational support (books,school bags, pens, pencils, school fees etc) to school children in primary andsecondary schools.

The #BigFunLessTrash in its third year has grown and is gaining popularity and HipCity Hub is happy to continue with its partnership and support to EIS Recyclers to ensure that poor children have an opportunity to stay in school. The waste donors were not also left behind, as stakeholders in building a green sustainable city and partners in giving poor children an education they were also rewarded with gift items such as TV sets, Flask, Iron,shopping vouchers etc.

Our Co-founder HipCity Hub Mr. Bassey Bassey was inattendance at the event and made donations to some of the school kids.

For everyone at HipCity Hub our resolve is to touchmore lives especially the less privilege and disadvantaged in the society. Waste + Recycling = Sustainable Development and Waste 4 Education.


GREEN JOBS; Trend and Opportunities for Youths “Invitation”

If there is one thing that has chequered our past as a nation and continues to strap us; it is tackling unemployment.

Job creation and opportunities isdwindling daily which demonstrates the reasons for the unfortunate shuttingdown of production lines and mass retrenchment in most private companies in thethird quarter of 2015 through to first quarter of 2017 in Nigeria; with thecountry battling recession.

While many in government haveargued that lack of job was not a problem among Nigerian youth, but lack ofskill, the fact still remains that a lot needs to be done to improve on ouroverall human capital development.

Most coastal States of Nigeriahave been placed on red alert on the pending flood crisis that may occur.Flooding, erosion and other resulting eventualities often times resulted to theloss of lives, livelihood and properties worth millions of naira. As damning asthis may indicate, the wheel of change can be reinvented to positively affectthe socio-economic life of youths.

Presently, unemployment ratestands at 21% and underemployment at 14.2, cumulatively totaling 47.40%. Thisis alarming for a country whose demographics favors youths between the ages of15-24.

The task at hand right now is to createopportunities for young people to get gainful employment; to tackle this head-onrequires collaborative efforts, to be proactive instead of reactionary.

Green growth and Green jobs isthe new industry creating massive employment for young people all over theworld. As assuring as this, many young Nigerians are uninformed, ignorant oroblivious of the many opportunities in feeding into the green world revolution bydeveloping necessary skills needed to succeed.

Youths without Boundaries – an initiativeof HipCity Hub (a youth focused social enterprise) is organizing a day event tointeract, inform, equip and refocus youths on Green jobs; trend and opportunities. The programme will concentrateon Nigeria as the epicenter, unbundling various sectors of the Nigerian economythat green jobs can be created from, identify green jobs available and othersthat can be created. The event will attract funding experts to guide youths onhow to appeal to donor/grant agencies (international organization, private andgovernment) to fund their green ideas.

Every young person in the FederalCapital Territory needs to attend this event to become a green-entrepreneur, IfNigeria must move ahead, it behooves on youths to take charge and this must bedone clean and green to guarantee the sustainability of the environment and thefuture of unborn generations.

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